Cultivation Professions & Occupations


Cultivation professions and operations are the facilities where cannabis plants grow to maturation. Common positions in cultivation include Director of Cultivation, Grow Manager, Grower/Horticulturist and Trimmer.

The Director of Cultivation

The Director of Cultivation is responsible for overseeing operations of all cultivation facilities, managing cultivation agents, establishing standard operating procedures and meeting production goals.

The Grow Manager

The Grow Manager, often referred to as the Cultivation
Manager, is primarily responsible for assisting in the oversight of the cultivation facility including propagation, vegetation and flower.

The Grower/Horticulturist

The Grower/Horticulturist is responsible for the cleaning, upkeep and sanitation of the cultivation facility. Similar titles include Harvest Manager, Cultivation Technician and Horticulturist.

Trimmers/Post Harvesters

Trimmers/Post Harvesters are responsible for hand
trimming flower from plants in a quick and efficient manner while ensuring quality cannabis leaves the cultivation facility. This is typically an hourly position.

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