Types of jobs in cannabis

The cannabis industry focuses on four main sectors—cultivation, lab/extraction, manufacturing and retail. Businesses that own all areas of their production are called vertically integrated cannabis businesses. We chose to focus on these four segments of the industry because they include the most cannabis-specific roles.


The cannabis plant starts in cultivation facilities, where
horticulturists grow the cannabis seeds, clones or tissue cultures
to maturation. Once the plant is mature, the harvesting team cuts
down the plant and prepares the cannabis flowers for the lab and
manufacturing facilities or the end consumer. Third party testing
facilities monitor the potency and concentration of compounds
to ensure the product is safe for consumption.

Lab Extraction

For businesses that make concentrates, edibles or other products
from cannabis extraction, the plant moves to the extraction
facilities where extraction technicians remove cannabinoids from
the flower to make into concentrates, edibles or other various
products. In the extraction process, the terpenes are stripped
and artificially added later in the process


Once the cannabis product is ready for packaging, the product
moves to the manufacturing facilities where packagers carefully
measure out exact weights and label for sale.


After the product passes the lab and manufacturing inspection,
the finished goods land on the retail shelves for budtenders to
complete the transactional process.



From seed to sale, each cannabis vertical touches the
plant to ensure a fully compliant and high-quality
product makes its way to consumers.

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