US cannabis industry now supports 321,000 full-time jobs

The recent 2021 Leafly Jobs Report, revealed 321,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) occupations upheld by lawful cannabis as of January 2021. The report completely incorporates both plant-touching and auxiliary positions, which includes everybody from budtenders to accountants. The United States, now has more legitimate cannabis labourers than EMTs and paramedics in the cannabis industry.

What you need to know about the cannabis industry

The yearly Leafly Jobs Report, drawn in association with Whitney Economics, is the country’s cannabis business study, as Federal prohibition keeps the US Department of Labor from checking state-lawful cannabis occupations. Whitney Economics is a prominent firm working in cannabis financial matters, strategy, and business counselling. They have banded together with Leafly on the task since 2019.

In 2019, the cannabis business added 33,700 new US occupations for 243,700 citizens, despite the year being set apart by a worldwide pandemic, which caused spikes in joblessness, and monetary downturn. Despite the downturn, the legal cannabis industry added 77,300 job positions in the United States in 2020. This means there was a 32% increase in work development, which is a fantastic figure during a most noticeable terrible year for the US financial development since World War II.

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Spike in American Cannabis Consumption

In 2020, Americans bought at least $18.3 billion worth of cannabis items, a 71% increment than 2019. Cannabis deals went up 71% in 2020, driven by pandemic buying.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in March, professionals in the cannabis business stressed about a potential industry-wide closure.

However, lead representatives in many states pronounced cannabis an essential product, and dispensaries and retail locations reacted by offering online purchasing, curbside pickup, and conveyance as COVID-safe choices for their clients. Clients responded by loading up for a long haul of stay-at-home restrictions and social distancing.

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The development of the cannabis business sectors repeated record-highs helped Americans authorize cannabis, as five different states cast a ballot to permit clinical and/or adult-use deals, bringing the complete number of states with lawful cannabis deals to 37.

Leafly CEO Yoko Miyashita had this to say about the report, “We’re proud of the cannabis industry it is a bright spot for many, especially after a hard  2020. The cannabis industry is our nation’s unseen and unrecognized economic engine, creating good, full-time jobs that have helped to keep people and local economies afloat.”

Cannabis and discrimination

Despite the business’s record development, the recent Report also shows how the new legal industry in cannabis has social value difficulties. Racial discrimination and sexism remain and the report inspects systems that can battle these discriminations, like authorizing and decriminalizing cannabis, especially in the black and brown communities.

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Other significant discoveries from the 2021 Leafly Cannabis Jobs Report in the cannabis industry

The speed of legal cannabis work development surpasses other American industries, and the quantity of full-time cannabis occupations has multiplied since 2018. It has soared 161% in the course of the most recent four years with an average month to month cannabis buy size expanding across each adult age and sex segment.  Consumers bought 33% more cannabis each month than in 2019.

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A few states, similar to Michigan and Illinois, dramatically increased the size of their cannabis businesses, and California remains the country’s chief cannabis location in cannabis occupations, with 57,970 comparable full-time positions and more than $3.77 billion in cannabis deals in 2020.

Illinois rose two spots on the rundown to #8 in the state’s first year with lawful adult use as cannabis stores opened. There was an increase in exclusive deals with an excess of 8,000 new regular positions. However, of the 75 new cannabis store licenses expected to be given in 2021, not one is minority-claimed.

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As more states and countries around the world legalize the clinical use of cannabis, the Cannabis industry has become a forefront innovative market creating more job opportunities. Its trajectory shows no signs of slowing down but the racial and sexist discriminations will have to be openly addressed and dealt with for a more promising future in business.

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