Manufacturing Professions & Occupations


Manufacturing operations package and prepare cannabis products for sale. Common positions in manufacturing include VP of producing, Production Supervisor, Product Technician, Edibles Specialist and Packager.

VP of Manufacturing

The VP of producing is primarily responsible for ensuring projects start and finish on time by overseeing product development of quality goods.

Production Supervisor

The Production Supervisor is a management role that oversees a team of product and inventory employees to ensure timely delivery of products to wholesale and dispensary customers. Similar titles include Warehouse Manager and Facility Manager.

Edible Specialist

The Edibles Specialist oversees the kitchen and maintains high standards for product development, formulation, dosing, finished product and cleanliness while managing the production team.

Production Technicians

Production Technicians are responsible for running equipment and performing tasks to produce new products. Similar titles include Production Associate and Warehouse Associate.


Packagers, also known as Gramers, are primarily hourly positions that are responsible for accurate packaging of cannabis product into preweighed containers and pre-rolled joints. Packaging Technician Assist manufacturing team in the production, packaging, and labeling of cannabis based medicines. Production of pre-roll cannabis products.


A cannabis salesperson is known as a budtender who’s roles are business development manager, account manager and sales executive. They say what they do are familiar to most people. They take the last role in the process by taking the packaged cannabis and distribute it with sales skills to make a profit.

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