Lab/Extraction Professions & Occupations


Lab/extraction operations are the facilities where cannabis testing and extraction take place. Common positions in lab/ extraction include Director of Extraction, Extraction Manager, Quality Manager, Compliance Manager and Chemist.

Director of Extraction

The Director of Extraction, also known as the Lab Director, owns the development of post-harvest processes, performs chemical analysis for the determination
of harvest timing, postharvest processing and tailoring of extraction operating procedures to meet business needs.

Extraction Manager

The Extraction Manager is responsible for the supervision of the entire extraction team as well as the intake department. Similar titles include Lab Manager, Lab Team Lead and Lab Supervisor.

Quality Assurance Manager

The Quality Manager oversees product and environmental testing, internal product release, product recall, product returns and product labeling in accordance with state regulations and the organization’s internal procedures and processes.

Compliance Manager

The Compliance Manager is primarily responsible for researching and interpreting regulatory compliance across the entire cannabis supply chain including cultivation, manufacturing and retail.


The Chemist, also known as the Lab Analyst, is responsible for preparing equipment and plant materials for extraction, operating extraction equipment and the ongoing maintenance of lab materials.

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