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Edibles have become the fastest developing products in the Cannabis industry. They are an alternative popular way to consume cannabis, especially amongst those who cannot inhale it.

What you should know

Edibles is an umbrella term for cannabis imbued items, like food, refreshments, baked products, or sweets, to name a few.

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End-of-year information from a Seattle-based cannabis investigation firm, Headset, revealed that for all of 2020, adult-use of clinical edibles grew by 60% across seven state markets – that’s $1.23 billion during 2020, which is a giant leap from $767 million in 2019.  This means that Cannabis edible items sold the most as the Cannabis market grew 54% in 2020.

I spoke with Mohamed Riyaaz Gany about his edible company, Funny Lady, and the future of Cannabis edibles in South Africa.

Interview with Riyaaz

Riyaaz is the owner of Funny Lady Edibles

What is Funny Lady Edibles, and what role does it play in the cannabis industry?

Funny Lady Edibles specializes in the extraction, distillation, and isolation of cannabinoids and terpenes. A primary focus of the business is the concept of dosage. All our products are carefully put together to have a reliable and consistent way of receiving your daily isolates and distillates.

Funny Lady Gummies

What compelled you to start Funny Lady Edibles?

Like with most businesses, Funny Lady Edibles was born out of the recognition of a need. Our products serve as a therapeutic aid in modulating the endocrine response by interacting with the MU Opioid receptor and other Exo-cannabinoid receptors.

On a more personal note, a few years ago, my mother had been diagnosed with lichen planus, and our products have helped her by modulating the endocrine response, thus negating the need for steroidal-based treatments.

Which products are the most popular in the cannabis industry?

The CB+ and the SATIVA are the most popular products that we have as they help down-regulate the body’s endocrine response by lowering cortisol levels.

Funny Lady CB+ Elixir 250ml (150mg) (PURPLE)
What type of advertising do you invest in for Funny Lady?

We utilize social media platforms to a large extent to interact with our clients, and a lot of our clients are referral based.

How does Funny Lady interact with consumers or dispensaries?

All of our clients interact directly with us via our website https://www.funnylady.co.za or our Instagram page @funnylady031

What would you say are the biggest problems facing cannabis and CBD brands, who want to develop infused beverage products?

There are more opportunities than challenges. But I would say that consistency in dosage is a challenge when it comes to patient health. This is an area in which Funny Lady Edibles prides itself in.

How has Funny Lady addressed common cannabis beverage issues like solubility, taste, and smell?

We manage to achieve a level of excellence by utilizing only the purest isolates and distillates.

What are the biggest misconceptions about Cannabis-infused products within the industry right now?

A common misconception is that all cannabis products are created equal. This is not the case with Funny Lady Edibles as we owe our patient success to the artisanal way in which our products are crafted.

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What role do you think Cannabis-infused edibles and beverages will play in society, five years from now?

Hopefully, South Africa’s cannabis industry will follow the same trajectory of a country like Canada. This way, SMME’s will get to play a big part in the industry and a large amount of the industry’s success can be linked back to the passions of individuals who have contributed to the industry thus far.

Fewer barriers to entry and more information can help South African SMME’s grow into a proficient contributor to GDP and make the South African cannabis industry into a model that would be respected by the rest of the world.

Edibles are a substantial contributing factor to the popularity of cannabis micro-dosing — could you speak to the trend’s importance and what it could mean for the industry as it becomes mainstream?

Differentiation can be established between recreational and medicinal. Still, in a rare case, the integration between the two can be achieved, like we have aimed to do with Funny Lady Edibles by way of a nutritional health supplement.

What obstacles have you overcome with Funny Lady, and what has been your most significant success or proudest moment?

As with all industries, regulation is always a growing consideration. Every client that derives a benefit from our products can be considered a success to the Funny Lady team. Furthermore, appearing at the Cannabis Expo 2019 was, to date, one of the better successes of the Funny Lady brand.

Do you have plans for new products, and would you be willing to drop any hints about what we can expect from Funny Lady in the future?

We are currently focusing on establishing innovative delivery systems, but you will have to watch this space for more information.

Where do you see Funny Lady Edibles in 5 years?

We hope to grow the business from strength to strength and find new and interactive ways of engaging with our clients. We also want to stay loyal to our roots by always putting the client’s health first and promoting direct engagement.

What advice would you give to someone interested in entering the Cannabis industry/market?

It is always good to maintain a great, healthy supply chain, with a market that seems to be filling up with incumbents, the best advice is to pick an industry area that you have a talent for, and find a way to differentiate yourself in the value proposition that you offer your clients. Success is always a byproduct of passion.

The Cannabis industry is growing at an amazing pace, giving rise to an innovative business model. I  have complete confidence that the popularity of eating Edibles will only continue to grow.

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