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You have just brushed up your resume, and it’s near perfect.  Your interview is right around the corner with only one issue. It’s a remote position. Many have had to adjust to working remotely, and the new reality of video calling can feel awkward.  However, these changes may ultimately be the best-case scenario because, in the cannabis job seeker’s business, many jobs don’t expect everyday work.

That’s where NudleBox comes in. We’re here to assist you with some A-Game tips, advice, and support for your next remote cannabis job interview.

Remote Interviewing Challenge #1

“I’m accustomed to doing interviews face to face or via telephone; video conferencing is different to me! How can I ensure nothing goes wrong when it’s the ideal opportunity for my call?”

Tip #1: Check your environmental factors

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During in-person interviews, you may be looking at your surroundings, sizing up your potential office space. In a video conference call, your potential employer is looking at yours! Here are a couple of approaches to guarantee your meeting space will establish the best connection.

Take Note

Do not sit in front of a light source to project a shadow or make a glare. Check your webcam for any issues the day before the interview to guarantee that your upper half is in view. Locate a tranquil space where you know there will be no interferences. Tell your flat mates, family, or pets to keep far away during the planned meeting time. Ensure you tidy up your space, so your interviewer can focus on you and not your stuff.

Tip #2: Avoid any breakdowns

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It’s not uncommon to be on a  video conference call, and something goes wrong. Limit those odds for your 1:1 meeting by testing out your gear in advance. Check that your webcam is on and working. Do the exemplary “testing… 1,2,3” mic check, and use earphones where needed.

Tip #3: Practice makes perfect

Jumping straight into your assigned video talk with everything prepared is incredible. Test your equipment and figure out how to share your screen. You can even set up a counterfeit meeting with a friend or relative to get comfortable with the stage.

Remote Interviewing Challenge #2

“My best asset is my personality! How do I ensure that the best impression on my potential employer? Especially if I can’t do it in person?

Tip #1: Dress to intrigue.

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Although your potential employer may see your face and chest area, get dressed entirely! It will get you mentally prepared. Make sure to wear shoes – it might sound senseless, but an utterly proficient outfit from head to toe will help your mind stay focused. Most cannabis managers like candidates who balance their adoration for the plant with reliable polished methodology. Your initial introduction, regardless of whether it’s through video, will go far in separating you.

Tip #2: Look into the camera.

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Try to remember that there is a live individual on the opposite side of the screen. Look directly into your webcam when you’re responding to or posing inquiries. In a video conference call, you can generally see where your eyes go. A useful tip is to stick something directly under your webcam, so your eyes are prepared for where to look. Stay centred, and stay associated.

Tip #3: Ask questions, and get inquisitive.

Posing inquiries is a great way to show a potential business that you’re serious about the opportunity—giving you a chance to see if the company is a good fit for you. Ask as many questions as you can, from benefits to culture to equilibrium between fun and work. Your remote meeting is your chance to get the clarity you need. Video conferences are a two-way street, and a secluded setting shouldn’t impede your capacity to settle on the best choice for you.

Remote Interviewing Challenge #3

“I’m great at working a room, but I’ve never presented to a video audience before. How do I ensure my communication skills translate?

Tip #1: Avoid Interrupting.

We never suggest interrupting during a meeting; constant breaks in the discussion can forestall an exact, positive correspondence. Make sure to talk gradually, stand by a couple of beats before responding to questions or giving insightful criticism. In case you’re meeting for a client job like a budtender or a cannabis retail director, showing that you’re a dedicated, patient audience is a reward!

Tip #2: Become a Presenting Pro.

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For some occupations, introductions are a classic piece of the screening. Introducing any records or media during your meeting can be advantageous. Numerous video conferencing tools for presentations, like screen sharing. The more skilled you are with these tools, the more confident you’ll be when it’s time to present.


Potential businesses need to know more about you, regardless of whether that occurs face to face or via the telephone. By following these rules for your next remote interview, you can convey the ideal introduction. Visit us at to find top positions in the cannabis industry.

Good Luck!




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