About the Company



Globally, the cannabis industry is growing at a phenomenal rate with edibles being one of the most exciting and loved segments of the industry.



High Candy was specially created by a team of experts in South Africa to cater to the demands for a high quality, easy to control dosing, sophisticated, discreet and enjoyable edible that is consistent in every slab.


A chocolate created for the awesome high… by the awesome high…



high candy – currently consists of 3 variants of artisan chocolate



50 mg (s) – recommended for our social smokers/first timers and our people that enjoy the occasional buzz. This is nice introduction to our brand and especially amongst first timers.


150mg (m) – designed for the social lovers, the people that enjoy the high socially.


300 mg (l) – for the true lovers, the everyday lovers, the high ones 🙃,


There will be more variants coming soon but for now, you are welcome to contact me at anytime should you require a delivery


Kindly contact me with any order requirements.


Kind regards


Prenolan / 0677 666 956


And remember


The higher the sweet, the sweeter the high 🙃

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