Retail Professions & Occupations

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Retail operations are adult-use and/or medical dispensary locations accessible to patients and/or consumers. Common positions in retail include VP of Retail, Director of Retail, Dispensary Store Manager, Visual Merchandiser and Budtender.


Vice President of Retail Operations

The Vice President of Retail Operations develops and establishes long and short-range
strategic objectives for the retail organization and includes compliance, budgets, business plans, expansion and policy management. This position is also responsible for the retail operation’s profit & loss and inventory management.


Director of Retail Operations

The Director of Retail Operations provides strategic leadership and direction to retail store teams and ensures each store is equipped with the right infrastructure, policies and standard operating procedures to deliver a positive customer experience.



The Merchandiser is responsible for achieving sales and inventory plans
in retail stores that meet financial targets and company objectives.


General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for overseeing all activities related to the operation of a singular dispensary and manages the team of budtenders and dispensary staff.



Budtenders assist the customer or patient in the retail and/or medical purchasing process. This position is often referred to as “Sales Associate” and is an hourly position.



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